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We won’t bore you or try to impress you with fancy financial words and phrases. But we could.

As registered investment advisors, we’re held to a higher standard—the fiduciary kind—always acting in the best interests of our clients. No matter the path you’re on in life, we put you first in all we do. And while our knowledge of investing runs deep and our unique approach differentiates us from typical financial experts, at the end of the day we’re just regular people who happen to excel at what we do. As a result, our clients never feel intimidated talking to us or come away from a meeting feeling like they don’t understand something. Investment advisors you can understand and trust? Now that’s a confidence builder.

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There’s no secret formula. But there is a process.

The quiet, under-the-radar success of SoundPath can be attributed to the process we’ve developed over the years. It starts with asset allocation. While all client accounts are different based on individual needs, they’re typically invested in meticulously researched mutual funds. Diverse portfolios are built across multiple funds and categories—from bonds and small U.S. stocks, to large and international stocks. Each client’s timeframe, income needs, risk tolerance, and other investment objectives are taken into consideration. Every client’s path is different, so cookie cutting never happens here.

We go out of our way to find the best fund managers in the business.

And after we find them, we meet with them face-to-face when possible, not just on the phone. They must be smart, rational, and share a similar philosophy with us. Namely, one based on proven results and not the latest fads. We prefer working with other boutique management firms such as ours instead of the big shot, publicly traded behemoths. We also look at low portfolio turnover and managers with skin in the game by personally investing in the funds they manage. You know, just like we do.

Service that never stops.

Ongoing reports and reviews play a huge role around our office. After all, being transparent and keeping you up to speed on your investments is one of our top priorities. The custodian sends confirmations on all transactions that take place in your portfolio. Monthly statements show all security positions and may be sent quarterly if there’s no account activity. We also send a report each quarter showing the current rate of return on your account. All so you’re always in the know.

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